Feedback for Tactics

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Feedback for Tactics

Post by uyasar » Tue May 09, 2017 6:42 am

Hi Again,
I'm going to use this plugin for a chess tutorial site and I thought It would be wonderful If I could give instructive feedbacks for visitor's right or wrong moves for the tactics.


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Re: Feedback for Tactics

Post by alf » Tue May 09, 2017 5:06 pm


Thanks for your comment.

Do you want to give feedback based on specific wrong moves?

Example: if the best move is Queen to e8 and the user moves his Queen to e7, you provide a message describing Qe8 and why it's not the best move.

If so, It might be possible that variations can be used for this purpose, but it will be an exception from the default behaviour.

The default behaviour of DHTML Chess and tactics is that variations are used as valid moves to solve a puzzle. Let me give you an example:

Code: Select all

[white "White mates in 5"]
[result "1-0"]
[fen "r3k1nr/pp1n2pp/1bp1N1q1/6B1/2B1p3/8/PPP2RPP/R2Q3K w kq - 0 1"]
[plycount "9"]

1. Qxd7+  Kxd7 2. Rd1+  Kc8 3. Rf8+  Qe8 4. Rxe8+  Bd8 5. Rdxd8# (5. Rexd8#) 

In this example, the moves Rdxd8# and Rexd8# are both accepted as valid checkmate moves.

If you want to provide feedback based on specific wrong moves made by the user, it's easiest to create an exception from the default behaviour described above. Example:

Code: Select all

[White "Ruy Lopez"]
[Black ""]

1. e4 { good move } (1. d4 { Sorry, that' not the correct first move for the Spanish opening } )
I need a few days to think about this. It's a good feature and easy to implement, but I want to find the best and most intuitive way to develop this.


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Re: Feedback for Tactics

Post by Idochesswork » Sat Jun 03, 2017 8:53 am

Hi Alf,

I think the most convenient way is doing it like hide the feedback, comment on move, until the tactics puzzle is finished, the analysis panel would uncover and show the full sequence of moves, with every comment on each move:

For example: ... -for-chess

Worpresschess may use this idea, and make it become a handy optional option, depend on admin's purpose to show the tactics. If admin want the tactics to show full explanation after solving, he can use the attribute, ex [pgn tactics="1" review="1"].

Just my thought :D
Warm regards,

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